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Hi. I am Srihari Dowsil. 

I am a mechanical engineering from India, living in Frankfurt, Germany. I work as a [position] in [company]
 When I first arrived 5 years ago, it was Love at first sight. I do manage to travel 3 - 4 time a year and have explored quite a few places in Europe. Some of my favorite places are [list of your favorite cities & places]. What I love about travel is the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different cultures, languages, make new friends and have a blast. I do a lot of research online and try to find the most authentic places to eat, play & chill.  I enjoy authentic, non-commercial experiences that locals like and always travel on a budget using the most optimal means of transport, stays etc. This helps me to learn about that city much faster. The life and the universe always boggles me . The search for the meaning of this life is always happening in some way. For me it is through travel . I have made friends from several countries and it is so interesting to know how people differ in terms of language, a way of thinking, taste in food, tradition, culture but still there is a connection which binds us all together (#zen++)  This curiosity motivates me to keep traveling and exploring the world. So far it has been only Europe but I will expand my boundaries and also show all other the amazing world that I have seen, learned and known all these years. 


I share some of my favorite travel moments on My Instagram


I joined TripDesign.Us as a travel geek to design your Europe Trip using my traveling & vacation planning experience. 

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How it works ? 


1. make a design request. Tell me your dreams. Let me know about the places you are interested to visit, duration, budget etc.

2. I will design a vacation for you with options in places to visit, stay & activities along with a detailed food & destination guide.
    I will also share info about the best free walking tours, insider tips to skip long queues etc. 

3.  You can either do it yourself [ we will share all the booking links and help you with all the necessary details in a whatsapp-friendly itinerary with support ]

What you get ? 

1. Visa & Flight booking assistance.

Total Cost: Fixed Service fee of 7500/- per vacation. 

4.   Or we can plan & book the entire vacation for you. 
Total Cost : [Depends on the options you pick & choose.]

What you get ? 



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